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Ezy-As Stocking Donner Ezy-As Stocking Applicator

Ezy-As Stocking Donner Ezy-As Stocking Applicator
Item# EzyAsSA

Product Description

Ezy-As Stocking Applicator is a new and unique type of donner for stockings. The applicator is quick and easy to use and can be used on both arms and legs. The design allows the donner to be used with both open and closed toe stockings as well as all sizes of stockings and socks. The plastic is crush proof and won't chip or rust. It is ideal for traveling - you can fit it in a suitcase.

Click here to see more information and a video of the applicator in use:

Available in 3 sizes (Please measure around largest part of your calf or upper arm):

Small - 11-13.5 inches

Medium - 12.5 to 15.75 inches

Large - 15 to 18.5 inches

The optional handle attachment is designed to fit any size applicator.


Ezy-As Handle Attachment
Ezy-As Handle Attachment
This handle attachment fits any size applicator and makes donning your stocking easier for people with limited mobility.
Support Socks, Support Hose, Plastic Surgery, Maternity, Compression Shorts, Opaque Hose, UltraSheer, Travel Socks, Mastectomy, Running Socks



Jobst is the number one gradient compression product recommended by physicians. Jobst Support Hose are high quality stockings and support garments are manufactured mainly in the USA and have innovative features such as Jobst Advanced comfort which provides a cool and comfortable feeling in all climates. Jobst has over 50 years of experience with gradient compression garments and was originally founded in Toledo, Ohio. Today Jobst carries a product line of Opaque and Ultrasheer for Women and Jobst for Men and Jobst for Men Casual for men. Jobst also carries product lines for unisex use including Relief, Casual wear, Active Wear and Diabetic Socks. Jobst also carries various compression garments including armsleeves, vests and girdles as well as facioplasty supports. If you are unsure which product is right for you please contact us at 800-574-6922 and we will be happy to help you. Also, please be sure to check out our FAQ’s to help with your other questions: FAQs


Founded 140 years ago Sigvaris began providing ready to wear compression stockings in the 1940s. With the goal of becoming a leader and innovator in compression therapy Sigvaris has grown over the years and is currently managed by the 5th generation of the founding family. Sigvaris has North American headquarters and manufacturing in Peachtree, Georgia. Sigvaris offers a variety of product lines for women and men including: Soft Opaque, Cotton, Sheer Fashion and Ever Sheer as well as their newest product - Athletic Recovery Socks. Sigvaris also has a line of applicators and accessories to help care for your garments.

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